Happy Friendship Day

May you have the best friends anyone has ever had!

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Wallpaper :: The New Tricolor

The tricolor was meant to be a symbol of unity, but over a period of time it has been misinterpreted to mean something totally different. The present fundamentalist interpretation is that people of one religion represented by Saffron are at the top and people of another represented by Green at the bottom. In the name of peace the two are kept separate and comparisons are drawn (white) and over this is a garb of unity (the chakra in the middle).
TO break this we have the new remodelled Tricolor where the focus is on unity (ashok chakra), the saffron and green stand together around it - in some ways the saffron is on top, in others the green, and there is PEACE in the middle and all around(white).

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Wallpaper :: Olympics - The best are back

An expression of faith in one's love.

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IPL 2012 Fixed?

I'm slowly graduating to more challenging aspects of analysing Cricket Matches. For Example: What's not fixed!

So what do you think - IPL 2012 fixed?

Dada vs. Kolkota Knight Riders

Isn't this the day we all were waiting for? Who will the bengali junta support?

IPL 2012 :: Bhajji shows natural leadership ability

The Mumbai Indians vs. Deccan Chargers match was otherwise as boring as cricket is these days. However, thanks to the leadership qualities shown by Bhajji in taking on the umpires and openly forcing them to go to the third umpire we had some entertainment. Though, he will be criticised by the sycophantic people who consider rules and laws to be sancrosanct and much above plain logic, he has done something to show what Indian-ness and Youth is all about these days - fearless, standing up for what is right and showing the people who follow and watch him that right does win.

It may, ofcourse, invite punishment. In fact, it obviously would considering the number of egos that would have been hurt.

On a serious note, IPL till date has been pathetically boring. And if this 'Sangakarra bowled but not given out in first go' incident had not occurred during dinner time I would have missed the entire fun. Wonder, if this incident is the result of ideas that organisers and other stakeholders have got to pull crowds or this incident will give ideas to these people.