Happy Friendship Day

May you have the best friends anyone has ever had! Wallpaper: 1366 X 854 px




If the Australians are scared of Bhajji's Doosras, the NZL i'm pretty sure are going to be scared of his batting prowess in the times to come. The tailender a.k.a. Turbanator is set for his second Test Century in as many matches. And, ofcourse, this is his third consecutive Fifty.

The last time someone did something as spectacular - not long ago - a bloke named Irfan Pathan. And, we all know what happened to him. Let's just hope for bhajji, that he doesn't have the same fate!

And of course not to forget Mr. Very Very Special Laxman. Once again, I'm constrained to use the words 'once again', because the old warhorse was in the same situation 'once again' doing what he is best at - scoring runs with those same elegant strokes. If it wasn't for the surprise package called Bhajji, the batting Turbanator, or well even if it was he and his performance would've been ignored 'once again'.

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