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One of the strangest decisions ever taken by the selectors of the Indian Cricket Team was to throw out Irfan Pathan at a time when he was batting better than the Indian batsmen. He may have been out of form with the ball. But that too was a doing of the management of the Indian Cricket Team. 

Everyone knows how a baller who could bat well at times was projected as a strike bowler + top batsman(no 3) at the same time. The expectations rose and being as unjustified as they were, they had to remain unmet. 

And in the process we lost one of the finest all-rounders that the country has produced in a long time. Seeing India losing today with someone as useless as Ravindra Jadeja as a part of the team is disheartening.
It wouldn't be a surprise to me if sometime in the future we come to know of a political angle in this. Internal team politics that is. Apart from Dhoni Irfan Pathan was probably the only player showing signs of becoming a good captain at that time. Yuvraj, the vice-captain then and Suresh Raina both have been proved to be dud captains in IPL.

He still has time and I would love to see him back in the Indian squad for the world cup. He is the key ingredient without which India just can NOT win the next world cup.

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