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Well, as expected the match was  a no-show. India defeated Afghanistan with 5 overs to spare thanks to Murali Vijay's almost-50 and Ashish Nehra's 3 wickets(!).

The commentators were going ga-ga over the brave front put up by Afghanistan. Well I couldn't see any. Though the side is promising, and its rise to stability in international cricket should be much quicker than that of Bangladesh. One major reason for that is the well endowed physique of the Pathan players... if trained well they could produce some of the world's finest pace bowlers.

This is one team that you should look out for. Not in this tournament(unless there is match fixing :), but in the future. And yeah it is infact commendable that most of these players were able to make it to this level even after being brought up in Refugee Camps in Pakistan.

Should we allow the Afghan players entry into IPL as domestic players? I studied in a school which at that time had more Afghan refugee students than Indians!

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